Deconditioning the Conditioned: Therapeutic Powers of Masnoon Supplications


  • Dr. Riaz Hussain Department of English, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Depatyment of Islamic Studies, The Islamia University of Bahawa;pur


Linguistics, Islam, azkars, deconditioning, therapeutic powers, supplications


Our identity, perceptions and preferences are conditioned by our past experiences. At times, distorted perceptions, misconceptions and patterns of thoughts get embedded into our mind and lead to psychological and social problems. These fixed patterns exist as everyday part of behavior. We need tools of behavior therapy which can liberate us from these mental shackles. Psychotherapists offer several ways of deconditioning our mind of these compelling intricate patterns. Besides, there are other remedial alternatives. Certain texts could also help in unlearning the learnt distortions. Some poetic and religious texts have therapeutic powers. While studying therapeutic texts from linguistic perspective, researchers are interested in the choice of words and their effect on the listener or reader. In this study, the authors look at some of the linguistic marvels bequeathed by the Prophet (PBUH). This descriptive study explores how psychological wonders can be attained with the linguistic splendors of the Masnoon supplications.  The focus of the current article is on those masnoon supplications that start with ‘praise be to Allah’. Against a background of absence of law and order, rampant violence, spiritual barrenness and moral hollowness in society reported by newspaper and celebrated works of literature, if therapeutic powers of the Masnoon azkars are effectively channelized, we can bring about a psychological sea change in our life. The authors have tried to bring home the idea that using these azkars and supplications day and night can help us not only in improving our familial, social and professional roles but also in regaining the lost consciousness of man being vicegerent of the Almighty in the world.




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