Steps Receipt to Publication of Article

Steps Involved from Date of Receipt of Article till the Publication of Article

  1. Authors are required to submit complete manuscript without details of authors and their institution along with separate title page carries details of authors and their affiliation.
  2. The editor/manager of the journal assigns manuscript with anonymous author to an editor from editorial board for desk review. The journal use open journal system for management of the journal. The editor of the journal also has right of the journal manager.
  3. The editorial board member sent article to editor after desk review/ initial screening.
  4. The editor sent to review all those articles which successfully clear desk review and assign two reviewers including national/international reviewers to the article.
  5. The review receive notification on his email and on Open Journal System.
  6. The editor takes decision whether article is fine for publication or not. If the article is fine for publication. The editor further sends article for copy editing after receiving two positive review rom authors.
  7. The copy editing involve in further proof reading of research article and doing correction inn formatting of article.

Once the copyediting is done. The editor sends article for production and publication. A Pdf of research article is being attached on Open Journal System with abstract and affiliation details of authors.