Scientism and Religion: Christian-Muslim Responses about Atheistic Ideology


  • Salman Arif Ph.D Scholar, Institute of Islamic Studies, University of The Punjab
  • Usman Ahmad Assistant Professor, Institute of Islamic Studies, University of The Punjab


Scientism is the view that science is the best or only objective means by which society should determine normative and epistemological values. Scientism has been changing the measurements of thinking and it has been taking place in scientific, non-scientific, and all other social platforms. Atheism linked in the past with science and religion as conflict with each other. Many prominent Atheists have been claimed religion as hurdles and conflict in the pathway of scientific progress. They promote scientism as the best explanation for everything, instead of religion. Science, its ramifications, and its boundaries all have been discussed, as well as how legendary scientists cannot validate science to reality. On contrary, Muslim and Christian scholars argue that religion based on believe in God who provides the purpose and meaning of human existence and their objective moral values. This is critical to comprehend how swiftly the idea of scientism is infiltrating every aspect of human affair and how disastrously it is wreaking havoc on society.

This article's purpose is to examine how atheists establish science's supremacy in all spheres of human life and reject other sources of knowledge, especially matters related to the divine guidance for humanity. The study focus on the scientism, new atheists’ argumentation and the Muslim-Christian scholarly responses. This research paper consists of four parts; Atheist’s perspective of Scientism, implication of science: scientist’s perspective, impact of scientism on theology and Christian-Muslim response to scientism.


Keyword: scientism, atheism, impact of scientism, legends scientist’s views, Christian-Muslim response




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