An Investigative Study of Earning Means of Prophet Muhammad's Wives


  • Hafiz Taj Din Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Govt. Associate College, Mianchannu (Khanewal
  • Muhammad Aslam Ph.D Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Okara


Wives of Prophet, income sources, means of livelihood, earning means


The honorable wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) are of high status. The life of the honorable wives of the Prophet (PBUH), who are called mothers of the believers as well, provides guidance to the women of all communities in all aspects. The economic activities of their life provide guidance in economic problems those occur in the life of women. It is a matter of finding out how they had been lived after the Holy Prophet. How were they meeting their expenses or in other words what were their sources of income? So for this purpose we will discuss their sources in some specific areas. The purpose of this article is to present a research study on the means of livelihood of the honorable wives of the Prophet (PBUH), in order to find out what means women of today can adopt to earn a living. Through this research study it is important to define the lines and boundaries for today's working women.




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