Exploring the Status of Honor Killing in Islam


  • Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Senior Subject Specialist, Qaid e Azam Academy for Educational Development, Chinot
  • Dr. Muhammad Usman Khalid Ph.D Islamic Studies, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore


honor killing, Islamic teachings, religion, constitution, jurisprudence


The term ‘Honor killing’ refers to the killing of a man or woman because of their claimed involvement in immoral behavior. The pretext is that the deed has caused shame to the family's honor and reputation. Honor murders have roots that can be found in all major religions and societies. Instead, such actions are frequently portrayed as being religious and are better justified by comprehending social and cultural constructs. These acts are best understood in light of the gender-power dynamics and related ideologies that prevail in traditional and conservative cultures. These cultures stand out for their ignorance, lack of access to necessities, illiteracy, social traditions, non-existence of the rule of law, and economic backwardness. The offenders give love marriages, extramarital affairs, and alleged drug use as their justifications. So, it is important to know what guidance we get from Islamic teachings. In this article, it will be explored that how had such cases been dealt by the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) and afterwards by his companions.




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