An Analytical Study of John Davenport's Book “An Apology for Mohammed and Koran”


  • Bilqees Faiz M.Phil Scholar Islamic studies, The Women University, Multan-Pakistan
  • Dr. Sumera Safder Lecturer, Islamic studies, The Women University, Multan-Pakistan


John Davenport, An Apology for Mohammed and Koran, Western discourse, Orientalism, historical dimensions.


This research paper presents an analytical study aimed at delving into John Davenport's work, "An Apology for Mohammed and Koran." Davenport's book, although relatively obscure, holds historical significance as it engages with the portrayal of Prophet Mohammed and the Quran in Western literature during the time it was written. The study seeks to shed light on this understudied work by exploring its historical context, content, and its implications for our understanding of the relationship between Islam and the Western world.

The introduction provides a comprehensive background on John Davenport and the historical milieu in which "An Apology for Mohammed and Koran" emerged, highlighting the prevailing religious debates and societal attitudes of the time. It also lays out the research objectives and central research questions that drive the study.

The literature review section surveys the existing scholarship related to John Davenport, his book and the broader subject of the portrayal of Islam and Prophet Mohammed in Western literature. This review helps contextualize the significance of Davenport's work within the larger academic discourse. The methodology section outlines the research design, including data collection methods. It explains how the study intends to access and analyze the content of Davenport's book, possibly through archival research or digital resources.

In summary, this research paper aims to fill a gap in the existing scholarship by conducting an in-depth analysis of "An Apology for Mohammed and Koran." By examining the historical, cultural, and literary dimensions of Davenport's work, this study seeks to contribute to a deeper understanding of how Islam and its central figures were perceived and represented in Western discourse during the period in which the book was written.




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