Thoughts on the Concept of Islamic Philosophy: Associations and Content

Islamic Philosophy


  • Prof. Dr. Müfit Selim Saruhan Professor, Department of Islamic Philosophy, Faculty of Divinity, University of Ankara-Turkey


Key Words: Islamic Philosophy, Philosophical Issues ,Methodology in Islamic Philosophy ,



In this article, I aim to examine the associations concerning the term 'Islamic philosophy'. Islamic philosophy, as a discipline, encompasses significant discussions on philosophical matters. Our primary concern will be to investigate the feasibility and challenges involved in studying Islamic philosophy in contemporary times. Another objective of this article is to address the issue of broadening the scope of Islamic philosophy.

Scholars in this field adopt diverse approaches. When tracing the trajectory of intellectual history, the domain of Islamic philosophy signifies a distinct formation wherein religion and philosophy intersect. By referring to Islamic philosophy, we specifically denote a discipline distinct from Kalam, Sufism, and Fiqh. The differentiation of Islamic philosophy from other branches of Islamic scholarship is elucidated based on its epistemological framework and methodological foundations.

However, this particular discipline is subject to various criticisms and reactions from both religious and philosophical perspectives. The mindset that upholds religious principles and values as its reference point may find discomfort in associating Islam with philosophy, as it accentuates the primacy of religion. Conversely, the philosophical standpoint, which exalts philosophy, opposes the designation of Islamic philosophy, viewing religion as incongruous and incompatible with philosophy."





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