The Contemporary Orientalists and the Latest Tafseeri Trends


  • Muhammad Sajjad Lecturer. The Best College Bahawalpur
  • Abdul Khaliq Assistant Professor Islamic Studies, Govt. College of Technology, Bahawalpur
  • Muhammad Muavia Khan Lecturer (Visiting), Dept. of Islamic Studies, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur


Quran, Orientalist, Tafseer, Hadith, Islam, revelation


This research article is about “The Contemporary Orientalists and the Latest Tafseeri Trends/ Studies’. In this article, it has been endeavored to discuss the views and efforts of orientalists to dismay the spirit of the Quran. It is understood rule of law, when a thing has become controversial in its nature, its effects itself become doubtful. So, due to these reasons the above mentioned topic has been explained logically as the Quran is seen as the scriptural foundation of Islam and is believed to have sent Muslims down by Allah and revealed to Muhammad by the angel Jabra Eel had gone. The Qur'an has been criticized in the context of being studied by the secular as a text for historical, literary, sociological and theological analysis; (mostly) Western scholars have accepted their divinity, perfection, the infallibility of the United Nations by Muslims. Set aside the principle of. In the sense of being found at fault by scholars as well as those including Christian missionaries and other skeptics who argue that it is not divine, not right and / or not particularly morally elevated.




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