The Sources and Importance of Unity and Integrity: A Critical and Analytical Study


  • Muhammad Usman Khalid PhD Scholar Department of Islamic Studies, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  • Dr. Shahbaz Hassan Associate Professor, Deptt. of Islamic Studies, UET Lahore
  • Muhammad Imran Sajid Ph.D Scholar Department of Islamic Studies, UET Lahore


Unity, Integrity, rope of Allah, Muslim Ummah is like a body


History stands a witness on the fact that common brotherhood and empathy, or mutual differences and disputes and internal hatred and hostility play the key role in the rise and fall of the nations, excellence and fortune, development and demotion, prosperity, independence and abjection, and ups and downs. Unity and integrity are the most effective way towards the virtue, prosperity, and collective development and evolution. Whereas the disputes and discord are the beacon of destruction, poverty and deprivation. By the study of the world history, it gets utterly clear that in each time and era, only those nations wave the flag of success that staying away from the hostility and hatred towards each other, and the discord and dispute, deployed all their forces in the national, social, regional and political terms. On the contrary, the nations that got into civil wars and divided into hordes, faced the destruction and defeat in each field of the life and in each field of life, and the failure and disappointment was the only thing they could achieve. However, in the age of today, as disrespected and dishonored the Muslims are, might have ever had been before and as weak the Muslim today is, hardly had ever been. This is the reason that Muslims are harassed everywhere. The respect and honor of Muslims is not safe. Their properties are getting demolished, and in the most of the countries they are razed and crushed. In our dearest country as well, the Muslims in multiple times are harassed and persecuted. In this condition, if the Muslims did not unite, then the powers of evil will wipe them off the face of the earth one after one. Someday a single group will be taken on. Someday on a country it will rain fire and iron and someday upon the other. The Muslim Nation should on the national and international bases express such unity that the other nations of today are forced to bend their knee to them. The topic under which this discussion is taking place, this point will be talked about so the Muslim nation could unite and spend their lives with integrity.




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