God, Man and Water: A Comparative Study of Islam and Hinduism


  • Muhammad Imran Department of Political Science and International Relations
  • Tariq Anwar Khan Lecturer Department of Political Science, Hazara University Mansehra
  • Dr. Azam Jan Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Media Studies, Hazara University, Mansehra


God; Hinduism; man; Islam; water conservation


This paper discusses the relationship of God, man and water from the perspectives of Islam, representing the Abrahamic religions, and Hinduism, representing the non-Abrahamic ones. Based on Lynn White’s thesis, this paper finds that by projecting god, man and water as ingredients of the same entity, Hinduism sanctify water an equal status of god. This paper agrees that Islam believes in separate existence of God and that water is subservient to man. However, such a relationship of God, man and water in Islam is accompanied by well-defined approach towards water. Such an approach sanctifies spiritual value to water and preaches water conservation and just apportionment of the natural resource.  




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