A Critical Review of the Literature Regarding Evolution of English Translations of Quran by the Orientalists


  • Afshan Noureen Ph.D Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Sargodha, Sargodha
  • Dr. Farhat Naseem Alvi Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies, University of Sargodha, Sargodh



Introduction and Significance:

The historical evolution of English translations of Holy Quran is a phenomenon which gradually emerged over centuries along with relevant literature (English Translations). The Orientalist movement has been the guiding light for Qur’anic Translations all over the world in several languages. The traces of this movement go back to the early days of Islam. There have been seven different complete Quran translations since seventeenth century by Non-Muslim Orientalists.

Research Methodology:

An analysis of literature of original English Quran Translations and relevant history is carried out to highlight the circumstances of emergence and Evolution (Century wise) of Oriental English Translations of Quran. Our study unveils that all of these translations are mistaken, astray, full of errors and have been written with prejudice against Islamic teachings and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Most of these orientalist translators having (Christian) religious background tried their level best to raise doubts regarding revelation, compilation and preservation of Quran. The comparative analysis of the verses in this literature of English translations show that the hostility and prejudice of these English translators declined over the years and they have gradually learned to use reasoning and logic to defy Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad instead of using hate and enmity as a tool.


The emergence and popularity of these English Oriental translators was completely supported by publishing companies and universities in the west and these were very famous in west. A few modern day Quran translations also appeared on the horizon of field of Oriental studies; however they continued the tradition of their ancestors regarding undermining the teachings of Quran intentionally or intentionally with their clearly evident prejudice as they contribute to this body of literature.

Key Words: Orientalism, Qur’ãn, Oriental English Translations, Evolution, Prejudiced Surãh Arrangement    





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